Press Release



The Unalaska City School Board has accepted the resignation of Dr. Robbie Swint, Jr. Dr. Swint has resigned to be closer to family in the Lower 48. The School Board and District respect his decision. The School Board also wants to thank Dr. Swint for his service to the District and wishes him and his family all the best.

The School Board has appointed Principal Jim Wilson as Interim Superintendent. The Board will work with AASB (Association of Alaska School Boards) to facilitate the Superintendent search for school year 23-24 in January. In the interim, Mr. Wilson will provide continuity for the 22-23 school year as Superintendent of the Unalaska City School District. Mr. Humphrey, UCSD Assistant Principal, has been named Unalaska City Schools Secondary Principal.

If the community has any questions or concerns with this transition please reach out to the District and we can clear up any concerns.


Jolene Longo

School Board President