Unalaska Preschool
Joni Scott

Mrs. Joni Scott

Pre K/ PreSchool Teacher

Phone: (907) 581-3979 ext 7756

Letter from the Teacher

Unalaska Preschool is a multiage half-day educational program with an Alaska licensed teacher.  Mrs. Scott has been teaching for over 18 years and has lived in Unalaska since 2003.  Preschool is a place where children are able to learn through play, exploration, and hands-on engaging activities.  Unalaska Preschool is centered on establishing independence, self-esteem, and confidence while fostering learning at a child’s individual pace. 

CLASS TIMES: The morning class meets from 8:30 – 11:00 and then afternoon class is from 12:00 2:30.    

SUPPLIES:  All students need a face mask, inside shoes to be kept at school, and recess gear.  Their face mask needs to cover their nose and mouth.

HOME HEALTH SCREENING: Parents are asked to screen their children before bringing them to school each day to make sure they do NOT have a new or persistent cough, fever over 101, excessive sneezing, or been around anyone who has COVID.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Students begin their day when parents drop them off at school and begin table time.  Table Time is filled with fine motor activities and/or art projects.  Next, Group Time develops social skills and academics. Following Group Time, Choice Time is interacting and exploring with peers. Another Group Time with hands-on academics. Finally, we end our day with Snack Time enjoying a healthy snack and then Puzzle & Book Time while waiting for parents to pick up students.