• A Message from the School Nurse 

    Your school’s health office nurse strives to help keep students healthy and in school. The school nurse is available to help with your child’s medical needs. Please notify the school if your child has a health problem. School staff makes every effort to comply with your health care providers’ recommendations.

    The school health office is staffed by a school nurse. The school nurse can manage students with illnesses and accidents that occur at school. You may contact the school nurse Wendy Hladick by calling 581-1222 or through your school’s web site or via e-mail at whladick@ucsd.net or by stopping by the school nurse office.

    Special provisions for students with chronic health conditions

    If you have a child with a chronic health condition, please contact the school nurse. She can develop a health care plan for students with chronic illness and implement the student’s health care plan.

    Parents of children with a severe allergy should contact their child's school health office upon enrolling their child.  The parent will be asked to complete specific paperwork that will be reviewed by the school nurse, building principal and classroom teachers.

    Hearing , vision tests, heights, weights and BMI calculations are given to selected groups of students each school year but should no way take the place of yearly vision, dental, and a physical exam by health professionals. Parents and Guardians may communicate with the school nurse about questions regarding health screenings.

     Flu season is upon us. Unlike the year of H1N1 we aren’t hearing as much about it but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vigilant.

    The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says “Take 3”Actions to fight the flu:

    • Get a flu vaccine
    • Practice every day preventive actions to stop the spread of germs—wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouths, and stay home if you are sick.
    • See your doctor if you are sick and take antiviral drugs if prescribed.

    Services Provided by the Nurse, and Student Requirements 

    • Middle/High School Nurse Hours 9-11:30 am every day except Wednesdays
    • Eagle's View Elementary Hours 11:30-2:30pm every day except Wednesdays
    • Emergency First Aid and support measures
    • Assessment of ill students, over the counter medications with parent permission
    • Health Screenings, vision and hearing with referral if necessary
    • Assistance with Financial Concern questions for health care
    • Health counseling for students, teachers and staff
    • Coordination with Iliuliuk Clinic, Wellness Center and Public Health Nurse for Immunizations necessary for school

    All students new to the district must have immunization records up to date and TB screening or proof of testing before starting school.

    Inhalers are the only medication students are allowed to carry in their backpacks.

    Please see the school nurse if your child needs prescription medication while in school. All medication must come in original marked containers and kept in nurse office.

    Children should not attend school if they have vomited or had a fever in the last 24 hours (no matter what they tell you!)

    Questions or concerns? Call me at 581-1222 Ext 119

    E-mail me at whladick@ucsd.net

    Iliuliuk Clinic 581-1202         Wellness Center 581-2742         Public Health Nurse Appts 581-1202

    Call for clinic nurse appointments for immunization needs.