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Mr. John P. Conwell


Superintendent's Report to the Board of Education


April 18, 2019


Summer School 2019: A twenty-day summer school program for Unalaska students is scheduled for June 3 – 28, 2019. This program is structured to serve students who may benefit from extra instruction from a certificated teacher primarily in English and math. Students will attend half-days in the following grade spans: Preschool; Kindergarten – 1st grade; 2nd – 4th grade; 5th – 8th grade; and credit recovery for high school students. Summer school is completely grant funded through the federal Title 1 and the state’s discretionary special education grants.

Boiler Room Renovations: The nearly yearlong project to upgrade the boilers, pumps, valves, pipes, etc., in the Unalaska City School boiler room is nearly complete. Volunteers from the USCGC DOUGLAS MUNRO helped to paint the boiler room floor a few weeks ago. Unisea sent over technicians to calibrate the boilers so they run at maximum efficiency. The boilers have been thoroughly cleaned and clear-coated, making them look almost brand new. Many thanks to Unisea and Coast Guard personnel for volunteering their time to help with this important upgrade. Most of all, thank you to John Waldron for taking the lead on this project; his expertise in boiler maintenance and plumbing is truly impressive and his work on this project has been commendable.

Legislative Update: Today is the 94th day of the legislative session. The House passed its budget that restored much of the funding for public education that the Governor’s budget had cut. The Senate Finance committee is presently working on their version of the operating budget that, when ready, will go to the full Senate for a vote. From there, the budget will go to a conference committee, which is comprised of members of both the House and the Senate. Once the Legislature passes and transmits its budget to the Governor, it could get very interesting. The Governor has stated that he will use his veto power to cut education funding. With a ¾ majority needed to override the Governor’s veto, he will need to garner only 16 votes to prevail. It is important of all of us to continue providing testimony, either written or verbal, as the Senate works on its version of the budget.

School District Budget Presentation: UCSD will present its proposed budget to the Unalaska City Council on Tuesday, April 23 at 6:00 PM. The work of the UCSD Budget Committee is appreciated. Please attend the City Council meeting to show your support for our schools!